Established in Liverpool in 1994, MacDigital are a specialist multimedia production company offering a full range of interactive new media business solutions.

We will plan, design and deliver to meet your specifications, requirements, budget and deadline. We can create designs from scratch or we can take your exisiting promotional material and turn it into a fully interactive website or promotional CD-ROM.

NB: This is our non-Flash page - to visit our Flash site, please click here.

MacDigital has a proven track record in providing our clients with engaging, high quality interactive new media solutions at affordable prices. We offer a one-stop shop - a complete range of services including design, development, support and maintenance to provide our clients with a definite commercial edge over their competition:

  • consulting and strategic planning
  • website design & production services
  • maintenance & support
  • domain registration, web hosting & email services
  • site promotion & search engine submission
  • a full range of multimedia services

Since every business and organisation is different, we avoid the use of off-the-shelf "templates" - consequently, all our productions are individually tailored to each client.

At MacDigital, we take pride in forging strong relationships with our clients, many of who have remained with us for several years not only because of our creative and technical abilities, but also because they receive an excellent standard of service.

Translating offline business objectives into an online digital strategy can be a difficult and frustrating task - MacDigital can guide you through this process and help develop a strategy to achieve your aims through the employment of new media.

From initial consultation through to project completion, you will have a single point of contact who will be responsible for ensuring the project achieves your aims and objectives within budget and to deadline.

Typically, the process will be as follows:

  • agree project scope and design brief
  • draft first designs
  • develop prototype
  • test and finetune prototype
  • develop full project version
  • signoff any amendments
  • project is completed
  • promote project

To contact MacDigital, email Trudy Burke on , or by phone on 07957 613214. Don't forget to ask for our free CD-ROM.

No matter how big the proposed site, whether it's one page or a hundred, to get your business online, you need to:

  • design and build the website
  • register and purchase a Domain Name for that site
  • arrange to have your site hosted with a web-hosting company
  • buy an email account for that Domain Name

Once your site is up and running, you then need to think about:

  • marketing and promoting the site (especially with search engines)
  • updating and maintaining the site to keep it up-to-date

That's where the MacDigital one-stop shop comes in. Whether you want a large interactive Flash site or just one of our £99 online business card starter sites, we can get you started up online quickly and painlessly.

We've put together some package options designed to allow small businesses the chance to dip a digital toe into the world of the internet for a small start-up cost.

Obviously these are just examples and we can easily arrange a bespoke package more suitable to your own needs...

Package 1£99  
Online Business Card
  • 1 year Domain Name Registration
  • 1 year Website Hosting
  • Email forwarding
See an Example
Package 2£200  
1 page Mini-Site
  • 1 year Domain Name Registration
  • 1 year Website Hosting
  • Email forwarding
See an Example
Package 3£350  
2-5 page website
  • 1 year Domain Name Registration
  • 1 year Website Hosting
  • Contact Form
  • Email account
See an Example
Package 4£550  
6-10 page website
  • 1 year Domain Name Registration
  • 1 year Website Hosting
  • Contact Form
  • Email account
See an Example
Package 5£850  
11-20 page website
  • 1 year Domain Name Registration
  • 1 year Website Hosting
  • Email account
See an Example
Package 6£499  
Interactive Business Card
  • 1 year Domain Name Registration
  • 1 year Website Hosting
  • Email forwarding
See an Example

Larger businesses or organisations will obviously require more specialised and involved website solutions than the packages detailed in our starter site options, and in these cases it's often useful to arrange an initial exploratory meeting to discuss and plan requirements.

So whether you need complex interactive animations, product demos, virtual tours/panoramas, protected login areas, guest books and message boards etc, why not our New Accounts Manager Trudy Burke - or call on 07957 613214 - to find out how we can help make your website standout from the rest.

Flash is the foremost authoring software for creating scalable, interactive content both for the web and CD-ROM. Rather than try to explain what Flash can do, it's easier to demonstrate it with some recent specific Flash applications produced by MacDigital:

If you like the examples above, then why not us to find out how we can help transform your company information into an exciting, dynamic and - perhaps more importantly - effective business tool.

MacDigital offer a 'one stop' solution to your company's internet requirements.

We can:

  • register your domain name
  • design and build your website
  • host your website
  • provide a pop3 email account
  • promote your website to the search engines and indexes
  • maintain and update your website

At prices starting from £99 for a MacDigital online business card, there's no longer any excuse for digital delay.

Call us on 07957 613214 or today.

No matter what your business might be, choosing the best method for getting your message across in as efficient and effective a way as possible is vital.

Marketing can take many forms - mailshots, brochures, leaflets, business cards, advertisements, and so on - these tried and trusted traditional methods all have their place in any marketing strategy, but businesses are at last beginning to realise the potential of new media.

Digital Media offers a unique opportunity for companies and organisations to present themselves and their products in a totally new way, whilst at the same time enhancing their image and corporate profile.

Sadly, books are judged by their covers - MacDigital to make sure YOUR cover can stand out from the crowd....

Digital media offers great scope for special promotions: both of the passive variety, such as self-running presentations, corporate screensavers, personalised seasonal greetings and messages, animations, Christmas/Easter webcards, special anniversary offers, and so on, as well as of the more interactive kind, such as product/service demonstrations, interactive business cards, promotional puzzles and competitions...

These can be online, disk-based - whichever is the more appropriate - and often both. For example, companies can simply email their customers with a url to log on to do a promotional quiz, complete a puzzle, or just to fill out a form whilst a Flash banner extolling the virtues of their new product/service is playing on the screen.

These smaller types of presentation offer a good compromise to a full scale digital production. If you have a product to promote or an event to publicise, they're cheap, quick to produce and easy to distribute.

One of the biggest problems for those responsible for producing corporate presentations is to make their own presentations stand out from the competition.

Powerpoint is a powerful piece of software and many companies turn to this when they have a presentation to prepare - it's easy to use and a handy wizard will help you select a style from a range of installed templates.

However, there are only so many templates to choose from and presentations produced in this way can often tend to look similar and therefore lose some of their impact.

MacDigital today for a free initial consultation on how we might approach your corporate presentation, annual report or sales conference using other more effective and dynamic alternatives.

When launching any new product or service you'll no doubt be considering a whole range of different strategies to promote it.

One idea you might like to consider is the possibility of adding a multimedia dimension to your strategic planning. It won't always be appropriate, of course, but where it is, it can offer you a definitive commercial edge.

An example might be an interactive virtual tour - let your audience discover a product/service by navigating within it's environment for themselves - put this on your website and tie it in with a special promotion or put the presentation on a small interactive business card and include it in a company mailshot etc...

If your potential or established customers are impressed not just by your product or service but also by it's presentation, then it's much more likely that they will in turn think more highly of your company or organisation as a consequence.

Learning is best achieved when you can engage and interact with your audience. It's not just a question of including illustrations and diagrams - by making a production interactive - no matter what it's size - you stand a better chance of drawing your audience in and stimulating their interest.

Multimedia can present exciting opportunities and possibilities in this regard. Self-running non-linear presentations have their place, but allowing your users the facility to randomly access a production and to influence it's outcomes will make learning goals easier to achieve.